Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bleak Futures, Fallen Champions, Sylar

Super “Heroes, Chapter 3: Villains” spoilers!

Season 2 compressed a lot of things into just 11 episodes. Let’s hope some arcs don’t get rushed this time, and that there’ll be better and longer action scenes. I’ve seen three episodes of the third season, and it looks promising, so far.

I can’t find caps of the group of villains revealed in Angela Petrelli’s ominous dream in “The Butterfly Effect,” so I composited together pics of those characters. I’m really excited about the roster. There’s immortal samurai Adam Monroe, cryokinetic Tracy Strauss, telepath Maury Parkman, super-strong Knox, and of course, power thief Sylar.

They’re a formidable and savage bunch; the premonition showed them defeating most of the main Heroes. Among the dead/dying are Hiro, Noah, Matt, Claire, and Peter. It’s possible that the vision comes to pass, but I’m not worrying because the writers have previously devised ways that allowed some of the heroes--specifically Noah and Nathan--to bounce back from the dead.

But there’s more to Angela’s dream than meets the eye. Could Sylar be there to save her? Is that Tracy or a resurrected Nikki? How accurate are Angela’s dreams?

Glimpses of possible dark futures have been explored since the show started. There are three new ones presented so far: Mrs. Petrelli’s aforementioned nightmare vision (so kickass!), Hiro’s quick time-jump to the future (hmm…), and an impending tragedy connected to Matt revealed via prophetic paintings (ugh, again?). Whether these become reality or are averted somehow, we’ll find out eventually.

But back to the villain team’s first appearance. Noticeably absent in the aftermath of the battle are the other good guys. I’m hoping for their sudden arrival and a furious beatdown. It would be great if Nathan led a team composed of Mohinder, Elle, Maya, Claire’s pyro mom, and maybe even West into the fray. I think Sylar can easily take them all; aside from telekinesis, he now has psychometry, sound manipulation and a healing factor.

I hope “Villains” won’t disappoint.


gentle said...

i hope so too. season two is a far cry from the first season's magnificence. :)

OLIVER said...

Season 3's shaping up to be a good one... not too newcomer-friendly, but with too many characters, that's a given, I suppose.

My fingers are crossed. :)