Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mushy, moving ‘Marley’

A watchable comedy-drama about a show-stealing canine and life with its very lenient masters, “Marley and Me” is mostly a family-friendly flick that even non-dog owners can like. The yellow Labrador makes things interesting (and sometimes, quite crazy) for journalist spouses Jenny and John Grogan (Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson), who welcome the cute, cuddly beast into their lives despite its knack for causing all kinds of doggie trouble. The uncontrollable pet situation routinely repeats itself, but the long, beneficial relationship between the humans and their loyal dog is a bond that the viewer will care about. Babe magnet, furniture wrecker, poop factory--Marley may be all those things, but like every beloved pet, he’s also an inspiring, enriching force. He practically becomes part of your family, too.

“Marley and Me” is currently in theaters.

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