Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Languid ‘Legion’

Angels we have heard on high, swarming bugs all o’er the plains. There’s angel-on-angel violence in “Legion,” which is a watered-down, fright-free mash-up of “The Prophecy,” “The Terminator,” and “Night of the Living Dead.” So, there’s a heaven-spawned conflict that spills over to earth, a prophesied child of importance, and a legion of zombie-like humans possessed by angels--angels! Paul Bettany portrays a former angel turned buff, badass mortal, who gives his enemies hell by shooting ‘em up. There’s a stunt sequence where his angel arch-foe does wing fu while Bettany’s character does Matrix acrobatics. That’s about it; scenes leading to, and after that confrontation don’t have as much energy or choreography. The apocalypse mythology is also very loosely done, making it hard to give a damn about this version of the end times.


Reno said...

Is this a good popcorn movie, at least?

Paul Bettany could star in a Marvelman/Miracleman movie, no? :)

OLIVER said...

Re: Legion... hmmm... I dunno, I had a hard time enjoying it. I didn't have expectations, but it was still disappointing.

Bettany as Marvelman... oh yeah! He'd be perfect!