Sunday, April 25, 2010

Byrne Bright

This John Byrne drawing from 1983 was for a special Bullpen Bulletin, a hype-and-plug page that used to appear monthly in all Marvel comics. I first saw this when I was a kid, and I first "met" Alpha Flight in this illustration. Got this old image from Fred Hembeck's site, by the way.

Now that I'm a grownup, I'm mostly updated on the goings-on in the Marvel Universe. This here's an exercise; I'll list down what I know of those characters that he drew, about 27 years (our time) later:

Spider-Man: Made a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May, single again.
Silver Surfer: A herald of Galactus again.
Monica Rambeau: Ex-Next Waver, current Marvel Diva, sassier than ever.
Daredevil: Leader of The Hand.
Man-Thing: "Killed" by Ares, will be a Thunderbolt soon.
Dr. Strange: No longer Sorcerer Supreme.
Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze again (I think).
Sasquatch: Helped form a short-lived Omega Flight team.
Guardian: Was killed off-panel.
Shaman: Was also killed off-panel.
Wasp: Dead, her body sent to another dimension.
Black Widow: Impersonated the villainous Black Widow.
Hawkeye: Ninja'd up, will be Hawkeye again soon.
Angel: Transforms to the more efficient Archangel from time to time.
Iceman: Still an X-Man, has matured somewhat.
Thing: Almost got married to a teacher but called off the wedding.
Mr. Fantastic: Now has uber-genius daughter Valeria to nerd-speak with.
Invisible Woman: Sometimes hangs out with the Lady Liberators.
Human Torch: Joined a band and starred in a reality show.
Hercules: Dead for now, was bisexual.
Wonder Man: Joined the Lethal Legion during Dark Reign.
Hulk: Banner can't change to Hulk, fights using smarts and tech.
Beast: Quit the X-Men, will be a Secret Avenger.
Storm: Wife of T'Challa, Queen of Wakanda.
Kitty Pryde: Saved the Earth single-handedly, later saved by Magneto.
Cyclops: Leader of remaining mutants, decisive, loves Emma Frost.
Nightcrawler: Still an active X-Man.
Wolverine: Member of Avengers, X-Men, X-Force.
Banshee: Temporarily resurrected during the Necrosha event.
Thor: Former lord of Asgard, will be an Avenger again.
Scarlet Witch: Hiding in Europe after magicking away mutants.
Vision: Previous "personality" inactive, body taken over by successor.
Captain America: Alive again, will be adopting a new identity.
Iron Man: Deposed SHIELD director, will be rejoining Avengers.
She-Hulk: Was a lawyer, then a bounty hunter, met two new She-Hulks.
Cage: Husband, father, New Avenger, new mentor to Thunderbolts.
Iron Fist: Occasional Avenger, sometimes wears better footwear.
Northstar: Taught at Xavier's, active X-Man, slept with Hercules.
Snowbird: Joined the God Squad, slept with Hercules.
Marrina: Monster form unleashed by Norman Osborn.
Puck: Killed off-panel.
Aurora: Has several personalities, refused to join Osborn's X-Men.
John Byrne: Should do a Marvel book again, maybe revive Alpha Flight, write She-Hulk, or work on an FF mini.

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