Monday, August 30, 2010

‘Jersey Shore’ shameless, shallow – but quite addictive

(Published Aug. 29, PDI-Entertainment)
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

In the initial season of the hit reality series “Jersey Shore,” eight attractive housemates spend the summer in a beach house, where they become buddies, bicker, and hang out with people they meet in nearby bars.The twentysomethings have to work in shifts for the guy who owns the Jersey Shore house, so they sell shirts at his shop before club-hopping. The partying happens almost nightly; the group is accompanied by cameras documenting shallow and serious drama whenever it manifests.

The cast members are now celebrities because of their good looks, hot bods, or some surrounding controversies. Most of them are vain, self-assured, and vocal about not-so-cerebral matters. Some have trouble fitting in, or are just unabashedly self-centered.

Former stripper Mike a.k.a. “The Situation” flaunts his abs, and routinely goes to the gym and the tanning salon with hairstyle-conscious Pauly, the tattooed DJ. They bring back girls to the house, to the annoyance of some housemates.

The diminutive Snooki, or “Snickers,” is free-spirited and admits to “trashy” behavior when she’s drunk. Her housemates become protective of her after she is punched in the face by a drunk guy in one bar.

Romance blossoms between Sammi “Sweetheart” and bodybuilder Ronnie. The cute couple argue several times about flirting with others, but often end up talking about their issues, and then make up. It gets pretty repetitive.

Occasional verbal tussles, cussing, fist fights, and continuous partying make “Jersey Shore” a curious social experiment. Whether the viewer lives vicariously through these hot young things, identifies with them, or just finds some cast members appealing, it’s reality TV at its most junk food-like: It lacks nutritional value, but gets quite addicting.

“Jersey Shore” recently aired on MTV Asia. Season 1 episodes can be viewed on

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