Sunday, October 17, 2010

‘Heroic’ analysis

Steve Rogers’ thoughts on the current Heroic Age and the Marvel U’s diverse costumed heroes are shared in an impressive character guide filing the former Captain America’s opinions on over 180 crimefighters, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as ratings of each person's heroism, Handbook-style.

“Heroic Age: Super Heroes” is a nifty 64-page one-shot with three character entries per page. Previous event guide books written using the perspectives of Tony Stark, Quasimodo, and Victoria Hand offered differing insights and worked well as sourcebook companions to their respective “regimes.” But “Super Heroes” is the most entertaining book of its kind to date. It’s the first of two issues; the next is devoted to villains and will be out next month.

A few revealing assessments: Rogers believes that Rogue would be perfect as Thunderbolts leader if Luke Cage decides to leave the team. He doesn’t trust Gambit and considers him an “unapologetic criminal.” He’s impressed by Nova and Cyclops’ transformations into “generals.” And he’s “horrified” by the existence of Cyclops’ hit-squad X-Force.

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