Friday, November 04, 2011

Hong Kong Halloween!

Just sharing a few pics from the True Blood junket, a.k.a. my awesome HK vacation. My thanks to my editor for sending me, HBO Asia for inviting and getting us there, Joe Manganiello for the generous answers, and Virtusio PR for being there! I miss the place, the room, the company, and the free food immensely.

Tru Blood drinker

Joe the Giant

High-cholesterol breakfast! Love the buffet at Clipper’s.

Tru Blood, type O Positive

I only used two pillows

View from my 21st floor window!

Sink TV

Radio TV

Reflection on closet mirror

We stayed here!


Jason said...

That looked like an awesome gig. And shet, Joe!

OLIVER said...

Yup, 'twas so awesome and sweet!

And yeah, Joe!!