Monday, April 09, 2012

Fanboy Flashback

Old drawings, good memories.

Bat-foes, 1998.
I sent a copy of this via snail mail to Previews, a comic catalog, and it appeared in their "Previews Gallery" fan art section in 1999.

"Villains. You gotta love 'em. Aspiring artist Oliver Pulumbarit of the Philippines certainly does, and it shows. Check out this wicked blend of Batman foes. Menacing yet devilishly delightful. Pulumbarit's meticulous details on Gotham City's most fiendish outlaws convey just that, brilliantly capturing the reasons why we love the bad guys of comics just as much as their justice-driven counterparts."

Avengers Forever and Ever
Ancient Avengers drawing, April 2001. Pencil on 11" X 17" vellum. I included Agatha Harkness (who should've been given honorary status a long time ago), and Killraven and Thundra (who were also Avengers but from another reality).

Avengers Return
Old Avengers group shot, March 2000. Pencil on 11" X 17" vellum.

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