Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Daze

Status updates, compiled.

May 10. Saw that other Whedon-written movie Cabin in the Woods! Funny and clever. Love that Amy Acker and Tom Lenk (from Angel and Buffy, respectively) had parts.
May 10. Missed a couple of Vampire Diaries season 3 episodes. But I've been able to catch newer ones, and it's like I didn't miss anything. Same old hybrid-vamp war and the never-ending parade of characters' relatives got really uninteresting. The big bad's gotten pretty stale; he's been around for two long seasons. But I saw the most recent ep and it looks like they're changing things. Finally.
May 10. Glad that AvX tie-ins this week (WatXM and XM:L) are acknowledging Rachel Summers' previous Phoenix connection.
May 17. Sang along to Puck and Coach Beiste's duet of "Mean." I like the drama that preceded the song. There's hope for you yet, Glee.
May 19. AvX # 4. Man, JR Jr's art. That Colossus vs. Spidey and DD page looks really rushed.
May 20. For those familiar with the local talent show Starstruck, why were contestants called "Starstruck Avengers?" What did they avenge, exactly?
May 20. Dear Lady Gaga protesters, there are real things to worry about, like atrocities being swept under the rug by your religious leaders.

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