Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love Machinery Part 3

Book Sale find. Santa's Twin by Dean Koontz. It's about Bob, Santa's vile sibling. The illustrations by Phil Parks are gorgeous. There's a hidden snowman in every painting.

The Double Decker. Yummy, filling, potentially lethal.

"Woohoo! The Avengers won AvX! We assimilated Rogue, Havok, Sunspot and Cannonball! Wolverine's totally my b*tch! Avengers, Avengers, everything's Avengers! Ready for 2015, Batman?"
"Bring it, boy scout. By the way, I totally beat you in DC Versus Marvel."

Cyclops goes dark.
"F@*k this $#!+!!!"
Grant Morrison-era JLA issues, circa 1998, featuring the "Big Guns" roster.

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