Sunday, November 25, 2012

Melodic, Ecstatic

Status updates compiled.

Nov. 15. Watched Twilight last night at Glorietta. Snickered every time Noel Fisher (a.k.a. Mickey, the self-loathing gay bully from Shameless) spoke like the Count. He played Vladimir, a Russian vampire.
Nov. 15. Need to replace my earphones. Sound's on and off in one of them. They, and my player, are very useful during my workout, since the music at the gym just isn't my cup. Earlier, while "Starships" played loudly in the background, I played Blondie's "Maria." Needed to avoid cringing at "higher than a motherf*cker."
Nov. 17. Reading the DP 7 TPB, by the late Mark Gruenwald and Paul Ryan. It compiles the first nine issues of the old New Universe series. Thank you, Book Sale.
Nov. 17. It rarely happens, especially since I've met and spoken with famous, talented people thanks to my job, but I'm reduced to a gushing fanboy whenever those that I really respect and admire--just a few actors, filmmakers and comic book creators, actually--respond or react to something I said or posted.
Nov. 20. Was awake for over 24 hours.

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