Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Memory Laned

Some status updates.
Nov. 21. Read a friend's copy of The Death of Superman 20 years ago. Wow, two decades. Was into the art of Simon Bisley, Jim Lee, and Nick Manabat. My friend John and I hung out with aspiring comic book creators, a fun group that would eventually be called Pot Luck Productions. My Walkman played Tori Amos, Lightning Seeds, and Indigo Girls. I voted that year.
Nov. 23. Blam/Slaine. Future couple? Hmm.
Nov. 24. Have yet to move Multiply pics and posts. Less than a week left. Ugh.
Nov. 25. High school batchmate dropped by again, the second time within the month. Wonder if she has the same sob stories when visiting other former classmates.
Nov. 25. Infuriating day. Infuriating people.
Nov. 26. I imagine Buffy Summers, Sookie Stackhouse, Elena Gilbert, and Bella Swan forming a Vampire Lovers Anonymous, but it would probably take five minutes, maybe less, for their meeting to become a free-for-all.
Nov. 27. Print-screening old Multiply conversations.
Nov. 28. Been buying cheap Christmas-themed children's books at Book Sale. They remind me of the books I used to borrow at the school library decades ago. Great art, too.

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