Monday, January 21, 2013

Cool as Ice

Status updates, compiled.

Jan. 15. Zero Dark Thirty. Ang galing ni Jessica Chastain. At andun din sina Gary Hobson, Andy Dwyer, Jack Harkness at Uncle Owen Lars.
Jan. 16. Loving the chilly Manila weather. Must be freezing in Baguio right now.
Jan. 16. Got a package from a PR agency. I didn't notice the correction fluid on my surname until later. The "a" was changed to "u." Thank you. I appreciate that. :)
Jan. 17. Discovered the chin/dip exercise machine. Arms hurt like hell. But I kept coming back for more.
Jan. 20. Christmas-y cool Sunday.
Jan. 20. Strange. Singing Amy Grant songs, circa 1991, in my head.
Jan. 20. Carrie Diaries, episode one. Looks like it's going to be an underdog teen-centric soap (more Gossip Girl, less Skins UK), but it's pretty promising. It's definitely not Sex and the City yet. Love the '80s music. And Freema Agyeman! Oh yeah.

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