Monday, January 21, 2013

Love Machinery, Eight

"Stay nuts about History."
Thanks for the jar of Peanut M&Ms, History!

Staring at Book Sale shelves pays off; when I saw the spine of this book, I immediately thought, “You’re MINE.” It’s a 190-page companion (heh) that lists and expounds on the first three seasons’ characters, objects and events.

20 years of Our Time in Eden. Bought the tape in '93; loved every minute of it. Bought the rest of the albums, starting with the re-release of In My Tribe that same year. A few years later, I got the CD as a birthday gift to myself. I still love and listen to the songs today.

Classic X-Factor. Bring back Rusty Collins and Skids Blevins!

Superior Spidey, Storm, Kitty.
"So, ladies, as you can see, I truly am a magnificent specimen. Perhaps you'd prefer my company tonight... ladies, where are you going?! Damn your luck, Parker!"

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