Monday, January 07, 2013

Deviating, Delineating

Status updates, yep.
Jan. 3. Chuck Dixon is writing Archie. Intrigued.
Jan. 3. Neck feeling better. I think I yanked a nerve when I was walking at home yesterday, and not while working out, ironically. A sign of old age, a friend said. Yargh.
Jan. 3. Finally got a copy of Runaways: Dead End Kids, compiling Joss Whedon's short run. Nice reading that story again. Wish he stayed longer; over a dozen characters were introduced in that arc.
Jan. 7. I just realized, I've been blogging for eight years. I started about three years into my newspaper work, when I was confident enough to write and share my own content.
Jan. 8. Matt Dallas (a.k.a. Kyle XY, and You in Katy Perry's "Thinking of You" video) is out and engaged. Aww.

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