Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pahinga Muna

It’s been reported that Taylor Swift broke up with the boy band member, and that she subsequently went to the studio to record, which is presumably related to the abruptly canceled relationship.

As a Taylor Swift fan, I'm a little concerned... the songs are great, no question about that, but I feel that she's going through pain needlessly with these back-to-back breakups. Relationships are her muse (or drug?) and she makes really good songs about them. But maybe she should slow down a little, enjoy her freedom, maybe write a non-relationsip song or two. She's done it before, those self-esteem, friendship, family-centered songs, and maybe she should try drawing inspiration from those aspects of her life more, at least for now.
A friend said she should learn to be more vicarious and imaginative, to create art without having to go through the experience, and I agree totally. She needs to relax, channel her energy into other ventures, and enjoy her life more. She really needs to pause and savor that special place she’s in right now. 

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