Sunday, January 13, 2013

Twists Aplenty

Status updates, yo.
Jan. 9. Ang tagal ng bagong Community! Grr!  
Jan. 9. I love The Middle's Sue Heck. So relentless.
Jan. 9. Pahinga muna, Taylor Swift.
Jan. 9. Must arrange stacks of recent and ancient comic books. Been years since the collection had a semblance of order.
Jan. 10. Napapadalas ang bili ko ng TPBs sa Book Sale. Ang mura eh. kaya parang na-shock ako nung tumingin ako ng compilations sa ibang bookstore, saksakan ng mahal.
Jan. 10. Dunno if it's been done before in the comics or elsewhere, but it would be a really interesting twist if the Doctor regenerated into a female form. The stories they could tell with that!
Jan. 11. Tired, and I didn't even work out. I need a vacation. Wanna be tired after carpe diem-ing, for a change.
Jan. 12. Giddy. Taking a break. Yesterday was like ice cream, soft pillows, perfect soundtracks, marshmallows, all the holidays rolled into one. I need more days like it.

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