Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Machinery, Nine

Valentine’s Day edition!

MJ Watson and Doc Spidey.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, tiger!”
“What? Move on, you infernal woman!”

“I don’t care about Charles Xavier, or Magneto, or even Hope. I am looking at the savior of mutantkind, right here, right now. You are the only one keeping us alive. You are the one that will lead us into the future… Never once have I doubted you. Never once has my trust in you been less than absolute.” -- Emma Frost to Scott Summers, Dark X-Men: Confessions (2009)
Love this couple. Too bad they’re breaking up soon.

Wanda: I’d die for you, Simon. You know that. I do love you.
Simon: And I love you too. It’s just—what it turned out to be—it wasn’t the kind of love either of us thought. More like—
Wanda: More like what we really are is old, old friends.
(In this self-contained issue, they finally addressed the relationship and broke up. Probably the last time I saw the characters really focused on, and so wonderfully written.)
"Her shampoo makes her hair smell like apples and wildflowers. And he has never met her. But almost every night—when he falls asleep—she’s there." --from "The Nearness of You" (Astro City 1/2, 1998)

Michael Tenicek keeps remembering a woman he’s never met. But they did meet in a previous life. She was erased out of existence when the time-damaged universe restructured. Love this story a lot.

New couple alert. Storm and Wolverine.
"I want you to cut my hair into a mohawk, Logan, so I'll feel relevant again, like my glory days aren't long gone! Then make love to me, you wild animal!"
"You got it, babe. One faux-hawk and a serving of my 'best there is at what I do,' comin' up!"

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