Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Empathy, Emphasis

Status updates, blah blah.

March 27. Daming tao sa supermarket.
March 28. I'm enjoying writing an old character again--Jaime/Jim the psychic--ten years after I created him. I originally intended for him to die in the original comic book, just to emphasize the irony of his situation (he couldn't precisely predict his own demise), but I liked him enough that I changed his fate at the last minute. Now, it's his story, and he's joined by new characters, which are growing before my eyes--and some of them are driving me to drink!--and it's all exciting. I'll keep doing this in the background when I'm not working. It's a story I really want to tell.
March 30. Read 10 pages of the "Don't call us mutants" thread on CBR. Wow, it's 80+ pages.
March 31. To those watching the Walking Dead season finale early tomorrow, please don't post spoilers.
March 31. Rereading Uncanny X-Men # 188, where Rachel Summers told Nightcrawler, "You can't give up. The X-Men ARE important! Not because you're super-heroes, but because you're MUTANT super-heroes!"
March 31. Not a Christian, but I really like Jars of Clay... and they're here right now in the Philippines?! Whut?!

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