Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Love Machinery, Twelve

Havok and Wolfsbane.
"Please, don't call us mutants!"
"Wow, Alex, self-hating much? Thanks for simplifying our struggles! You really do fit in with that 'We have mutant friends' team. Can't believe I had a crush on you."

"It is the right thought: 'There really should be light.'" One of Alan Moore's most memorable superhero stories. Majestic and a few fellow immortals (a smart strain of syphilis, a vampire, and the Wandering Jew, among others) witness the end of the universe, and take part in its re-creation.

Bought this around summer, two decades ago. Brilliant, beautiful issue.

Wilson Fisk versus Sam Burke.
"Is that the last doughnut? Damn you, Burke!"

The messiah-like Adam Warlock was crucified, died, resurrected, and eventually ascended to supreme godhood. He split his power, a.k.a. the Infinity Gems, among his chosen allies.

Summer 1993. The Nick Manabat-illustrated Cybernary, flip side to Deathblow # 1, blew my mind. It's 20 years old!

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