Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Only Time Can Melt the Ice Cream Clown

Status updates compiled.

April 3. Glad that self-righteous, homophobic blogger removed me from his blog list. I rarely drop by his site, but I feel icky whenever I visit it. It's like he dirties up my cookie folder and history as well.
April 3. The first GI Joe movie was terrible... so I'm not rushing to watch the sequel.
April 3. The controversial Havok speech in Uncanny Avengers has sparked an endless debate, understandably. But when people say "it's just a comic book," or "it's just a story," it's like the medium or its issues shouldn't be taken seriously. I hate that.
April 4. "Your love is better than ice cream." Singing that in my head while eating a cup of yummy, yummy ice cream, oddly enough.
April 5. Holy f*ck, must stop wasting time and draw a new page.
April 5. Ugh, the heat. Can't wait for this season to be over.
April 5. Frustration makes you want to punch a wall, but you're too sensible to do it.
April 6. Channel-surfing last night. Ended up leaving Geordie Shore in the background. They kept referring to a guy's thing as a parsnip.
April 6. Sometimes, I just want to stay in bed and not care.
April 6. Newest Community episode. Funny. Damn.
April 7. I need a fricking drink.

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