Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love Machinery, Fifteen

Avengers versus Zeus! Man, that was epic. By Roger Stern, John Buscema and Tom Palmer, 1987.

"Castle Grayskull is destined to be mine! It already has my face!"

Skyworld. Amazing local creators tackle the secret history of the Philippines. Damn brill!

Havok and Professor X.
"Professor X was a saint! I will honor him as leader of an Avengers team!"
"Um, Alex, perhaps you didn't hear about the time I mindwiped the existence of your brother and an ill-fated X-Men team from Cyclops' memory. And how I kept quiet about the sentient Danger Room A.I. for years!"

Friend wants me to draw on these. Yay!

X-Factor, final issue of the Fall of the Mutants arc. The team ditches the X-Terminators name and Cameron Hodge's mutantphobic p.r. strategy, and finally comes out to the press. And they get new costumes, made by a tailor they recently saved.

"Welcome to the Marvel Universe, Angela, ma'am!"
"Why, God, why?! This must be a cosmic joke!"

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