Saturday, May 18, 2013

Political satire ‘Veep’ continues to win people over

(Published May 16, PDI-Entertainment)
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

Fictional American vice president Selina Meyer returns after a well-received initial season of “Veep,” HBO’s hit political comedy series cocreated by writer-producer Armando Iannucci.

The 10-episode season two aims to further develop Selina Meyer and her various relationships, according to Iannucci, who discussed the show with Asian periodicals during a recent teleconference.

“In season one she was just coming to terms with the office—recognizing its limitations, learning how to be a high-profile politician on a national and an international stage,” he said.

In season two, the self-monikered “Veep” will have more power and influence. “She gets closer to the president,” Iannucci revealed. “We see inside the West Wing. We meet the president’s staff. Selina acquires foreign policy and national security responsibilities. We will see how she uses them and how they affect her.”

Iannucci recounted choosing Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the role almost immediately, and said he was especially proud that she won the Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series. (The show was nominated for outstanding comedy series.)

“[Casting her was] perfectly justified,” the writer-producer enthused. “I can’t imagine anyone else playing that part.”

Dreyfus’ Emmy victory means the “Veep” team has to work harder: “I’m really, really pleased that she got the Emmy, especially in the first [season] which had only eight episodes, up against comedies that produced 22 episodes a year. It kind of reassured the team that we had made a big impact. [But] we have to work harder to push the stories, the performances and the dialogue even harder.”

Iannucci also has praise for former child actress Anna Chlumsky, whom he previously worked with on the political satire “In the Loop.” In “Veep,” Chlumsky plays Selina’s dedicated chief of staff, Amy Brookheimer.

Said Iannucci: “She’s great … she’s very young; she’s not like Amy at all. Amy is very high-strung; Anna is very talkative, laid-back and jolly. I like that Anna gets the sharpness, the patter. There’s a rhythm to the way she speaks. Her lines come out like little bullets and daggers. I love the way she gets Amy.”

(“Veep” Season 2 starts airing Monday, 10 p.m. on HBO and HBO HD)  

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