Thursday, May 09, 2013

Saturday Superfun Machine

Summer status updates, et cetera.

May 1. Realizing I'm sort of a hoarder. Disposed of a plastic full of used internet prepaid cards from the past decade. Surfster!
May 2. Interesting how we've become adept at tooting our own horns. These days, we're our own publicity machines.
May 3. Comic books, Filipino and American, got me interested in reading and art when I was a kid. May 4 is Free Comic Book Day. Drop by National Bookstore (Quezon Avenue) and Fully Booked (Fort), and get your kids some comics!
May 5. FCBD Setting the Record was fun! Congrats to the organizers and fellow artists. Great job, Lawrence Sol Cruz! And thanks to the people who bought my stuff, had them signed, and had sketches done!
May 5. Really good to finally meet some FB contacts, as well. Sorry f I didn't recognize you immediately or said a different name!
May 5. Still a bit giddy from FCBD. Wish I got free comics, though. :D Also, Arnel Abeleda, pasensya na, muntik ko nang hindi masulat pangalan mo sa dedication. Thanks for getting my stuff. :)
May 5. Thankful for the local comics-loving community. And it was really awesome to have been around so many creative people last Saturday.

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