Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Discombobulation, Elation

Thinking aloud, et cetera.

June 24. Was thinking of a name for a male character and discovered "Marcelle." I like it; it kinda comes off as androgynous AND bisexual. But I already have Mars and Morris, which already sound alike. Still, maybe I'll use that someday.
June 25. 'Twas cool, hanging out and discussing komiks with one of its staunchest fans, Danry Ocampo, earlier today.
June 25. Just reread Top Ten: The Forty-Niners. Gorgeous art by Gene Ha.
June 25. Speaking of prequels, enjoyed Monsters University a lot. Although I'm wondering why that snail is considered a monster.
June 25. As usual, the CBCP is reacting to things that threaten its existence, that offer alternatives and free thought. Pitiful meddlers.
June 26. Pasakay ako ng tricycle pauwi nung isang gabi. Ang mga driver, tutok sa panonood ng cable. Rains of Castamere episode ng Game of Thrones.

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