Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love Machinery, Eighteen

Once upon a time, the cinematic universe was but a dream, and The Avengers was just a single comic book about one group of heroes, handled by a reputable creative team. And Marvel randomly did those dandy 100-Page Monster specials.

Been years since I looked at these. Spectacular drawings. Got them at half-price after the first prequel was released. Looking forward to the new vehicle designs!

Invisible Woman and Wolverine.
"Yay, AoU!"
"Suckered 'em again!"

New Mutants, high school days. After the death of Doug Ramsey and the X-Men during the Fall of the Mutants, Magneto's students "graduated" and wore new costumes. The team later "absorbed" X-Factor's trainees, the X-Terminators.

Kirkman and company's Invincible universe. I want to see an Invincible live-action movie someday.
JLA-Avengers, 10th anniversary: Scarlet Witch and Zatanna.
"Mind-wiped anyone lately, Zee?"
"Girl, I was rebooted. Depowered anyone lately?"
"No, but I was mind-controlled for the nth time."

Top Ten: Forty-Niners hardcover by Alan Moore and Gene Ha. Jetlad and Skywitch move to Neopolis, new home to various superbeings post-World War II. Thanks, Danry!

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