Saturday, June 01, 2013

Love Machinery, Sixteen

Got this GoT season one DVD set last week. Thanks, HBO Asia and Virtusio.

Uncanny Avengers.
"Wasp, not now."
"C'mon, Alex. I don't care about your thing with Lorna. I just want you to like me. And maybe, my mutant fashion line."

Spidey and Deadpool fights and/or team-ups should happen more often.

The only Who's Who issues I own, bought in the '90s. Wish DC would release compilations. It's irrelevant now that DC has a new, revamped universe, but I'd still enjoy reading and looking at them.

DC Vs. Marvel II!
"For DC! Stand fast, warrior-sister Angela!"
"Oh God, this can't be happening. Weren't we Image Comics antiheroes?"

Six of my favorite universes.

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