Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mettle Metamorphosis

Thoughts, compiled.

May 23. I just suddenly missed those fancy Multiply picture frames.
May 23. May bagong Avengers cartoon pala. Di ko pa napapanood yung season two nung huling Avengers series.
May 23. Algebra. Flunked it once and attended a remedial class. Looking at an equation now, it's still like an alien language, a code I can't decipher. I don't remember how I passed, but I think some classmates helped out.
May 25. Dalawang oras na madilim, pero ayaw pa umulan.
May 27. Caught two episodes of Nat Geo's The '80s. Interesting how Madonna started out, and knew even then how to provocatively present herself. Also found the US' "cola wars" intriguing. I wonder how New Coke tasted.
May 27. I hope that the kids of those who were mean to me in school become really good persons and never behave like their idiot fathers.
May 29. After I complained to the SM Foodcourt page about their nightly practice of turning off lights while people are still eating, I got a call from a lady named Grace, an operations officer. She apologized for the inconvenience. She said that those in charge of turning off lights have been reminded to check if there are still customers eating in the area.
May 29. I'm turning 40 in a few months. I don't feel anxious about aging now, unlike when I was about to turn 30. Although I feel like I should be more aware of what I eat, now more than ever.

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