Sunday, July 14, 2013

Corner of First and Amistad

Strange day updates, compiled.

July 14. Uncanny Avengers. Why is Captain America complaining about Wolverine eliminating the young Apocalypse? Didn't Cap and Iron Man offer him membership because he was a "samurai" who was willing to do what they couldn't, which is kill? Also, didn't Cap and the Secret Avengers kill some people for the greater good during the Ellis run? No continuity. Argh. ‪#‎capisajerk ‪#‎no616continuity
July 14. Weird dream. I ended up as a cooking contest finalist somehow, but the dream stopped just as I was about to reverse-engineer a strawberry pie and make my own. Felt scared because I really don't know how to cook.
July 14. Man. Cory Monteith. I'm shocked and saddened. Will miss him, and his unique energy and charisma, a lot.
July 14. Sad that there's no endgame for Finchel, but even sadder that lovers Cory and Lea had to part ways for real.
July 15. Been unfriending and unfollowing people. Feels liberating. 

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