Sunday, July 14, 2013

Love Machinery, Nineteen

'90s Image sourcebooks. Angela was in the Spawn Bible. And the Wildstorm Universe was still creator-owned. Also, cool that Eliot Brown has technical drawings of bases and vehicles in most of these.
Deadpool and Warpath. Have yet to free them from their "prison." 2010 Xmas gift.

"We were kind of in this together, against the world. Everybody was so unsupportive of Joss. He had never directed anything before, he didn't know camera angles, and we had a crew that was terribly unsupportive. I remember thinking 'You jerks, you're going to be really sorry.'" --Sarah Michelle Gellar on the early days of Buffy, Entertainment Weekly, 2003
Man of Steel objectified! Well, it's a Benes cover, so not really. He’s popping outta a cake during the bachelorette party, but it’s the women who are sexualized.

Nothing quite captures the coolness and attitude of the '80s X-Men like this John Romita, Jr. cover.
JLA-Avengers, 10th anniversary: Quicksilver and Flash
"Getting tired, Pietro? Try to catch up."
"Damn you and your Speed Force!"
Early 2000s avenging! The Avengers arrive at the lair of former X-foe Kulan Gath, an old wizard with a knack for transforming present-day cities into his Hyborean kingdom. The arc featured a new roster, with more women than men.

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