Sunday, February 16, 2014

Objectifixation, Eleven

Kang the Conqueror actually defeated the Avengers in this special "Nuff Said" issue, a story without words. Kang destroyed Washington DC, but George W. Bush was whisked away before that attack. The failure to save countless civilians sent Thor crying, his pain manifesting a storm. The Wasp, the team's leader, officially surrendered after the devastation. From Kurt Busiek's long "Kang War" arc.

Witty Waterstones plastic bag. Wonderful Piccadilly bookstore. 

Too many New Warriors! A couple of the members eventually "graduated" into the Avengers and X-Men. Firestar joined both teams.

We got fortune cookies at the eve of the Chinese New Year. Fortune cookie wisdom’s interesting.

Lego Movie folder. The movie was great. Awesome, even! Loved Benny. "Spaceship!"

Coffee! Thanks, Sir Mag.

Jellybeans! Bought this at Heathrow Airport.

Wiccan and Sub-Mariner.
“King Namor, would you be interested in a date with a nubile Young Avenger like me?”
“You mistake me for my bisexual friend Hercules, Wiccan. Namor the First only fraternizes with females, whether they be human, Atlantean, or Plodex--or a tentacled fish queen from Tabula Rasa! But I draw the line at redheads.”

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