Monday, September 29, 2014

Objectifixation, Eighteen

Events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are gradually leading up to this.
"I will challenge the humans so I can court Death!"

Mini-celebration of my first year anniversary. :)

Jake the pencil case. Neat. Saw an episode last week, the one where Bubblegum beat up Ricardio.

Wizard magazine's JLA and Avengers specials from the late '90s, back when both titles were really good. Great that they're being translated into the film medium now.

Sugar abuse. I love jellybeans. So unpredictable.

The Mozzie EP. 2008. Three songs shy of a full album. It still sounds good. Watched the band and drank with Pam P. and friends at their shows about six, seven years ago.
Reprint. Death of the Phoenix. Interesting backup story, where Jean meets the manifestation of Death.

"Number One movie! I am elated."
"Enjoy Marvel's reign while you can, Drax. In 2016, there will come a dawn... of Justice!"


Niki Yarte said...

I still want a copy of that Wizard issue! (I've read it though - a friend of mine lent me his copy years ago).

OLIVER said...

It's a nice collectible. Good interviews with Busiek and Perez. And loads of trivia. Hope you find one!