Thursday, October 30, 2014

August and Everything After, Redux

Status updates and tweets, compiled. 

Aug. 1. Yummy vegetarian food at the office!
Aug. 6. Kinuhanan ng dugo atbp. ‪#‎annualcheckup
Aug. 20. Andito kanina si Lav Diaz. Hinimas ko yung trophy na parang Nazareno.
Aug. 21. Bus last night. Girl beside me was asleep, rested her head on my shoulder. My thoughts were: 1) She must be really out of it; her head is slamming on me, and 2) I hope she doesn't have lice.
She woke up at my stop. I alighted with a long strand wrapped around my arm.
Sept. 9. Only two hours of sleep. Running on caffeine for now. ‪#‎sleepschedshot
Sept. 9. Tom Riley (Leonardo in DaVinci's Demons) in the latest Doctor Who. Just dang perfect. ‪#‎bethenextcapaldi ‪#‎please
Sept. 10. OA na nga ang "brand ambassador," pero may tumalo na sa isang bagong press release: "brand evangelist." Yikes. "Endorser" na lang.
Sept. 10. Pardon the self-congratulatory post. Celebrating my first year as an employee tomorrow. I was actually scared to make the change last year, as I lived most of my post-school life as a freelancer. But I needed the change. I thank my loved ones, who continue to be supportive; my team, for being patient; and the kindred souls at the office for being there. I keep calling the workplace "school" by mistake whenever I converse with friends about it. But yeah, this place continues to teach me new things everyday (or whenever I'm here). I'm grateful.
Sept. 11. Hardworking, indefatigable pros. Met a lot of 'em in my first year. ‪#‎inqpeeps
Sept. 11. Natuwa dahil ni-like ni Emiliana Kampilan yung Psychic Love pages sa IK group. ‪#‎deadbalagtasfan
Sept. 16. Tired from transcribing. Suddenly thought of ripping songs from CDs and making an all-female playlist, like the ones I used to make in the late '90s. Gonna make a mix flash drive folder.
Sept. 19. Baha sa labas ng office. Buti na lang sinundo ako sa amin. Wearing plastic over my socks.
Sept. 22. Hay, salamat. Stressed over the old computer that wouldn't boot up properly. It did, eventually. Was able to finish three articles. Haven't done that many in a row in a while. Now, to draw. Ooh, the all-girl playlist sounds good. Background music.
Sept. 24. Galing ng Gotham.
Sept. 24. Discovered an Office Warehouse nearby. Got excited. Bought French curves and pens.
Oct. 2. Am not currently pursuing an art career but I continue to stuff my DeviantArt gallery with new illustrations. Now four years old, it has gotten a total of 20,027 faves, to date. (Yay!)
Oct. 7. Transparent plastic in lieu of socks. ‪#‎makati ‪#‎flood ‪#‎ugh

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