Sunday, December 28, 2014

Comfort and Joy, 2014

This year's Christmas drawings:

X-Men Holiday. From the team's Christmas party in 1985.

Deadpool Saves Xmas. The Merc With a Mouth feels the holiday spirit.

Hulky Holidays. Hulk, his cousin She-Hulk, son Skaar, daughter Llyra, ex-wife Red She-Hulk, ex-dad-in-law Red Hulk, and sidekick A-Bomb.

Underneath the Mistletoe. Anole and Cullen Bloodstone, a match made in Marvel Limbo. (Both survived ordeals in dark dimensions.)

Star of Wonder. Donna Troy, a.k.a. the former Wonder Girl, amid stars and snow.

Christmas Lights. Dazzler and the Glow Girls (luminous heroines Aurora, Dagger and Captain Marvel) perform at a superhero party in 1987.

Xmas Miracle. Magneto and his kids Scarlet Witch, Polaris and Quicksilver ditch the dysfunction and hug it out.

Gotham Winter. Young Bruce and Selina Kyle. Free-falling.

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