Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Two hours ago, I waded through ankle-deep water. Haven't felt that icky feeling in a while. The last time my feet got wet that way was way back in college. Really gross. I didn't wanna think what kind of germs clung to my feet. When I got to the mall comfort room, I drenched my feet in alcohol. After running some errands, I rushed back home and cleaned up.

My poor rubber shoes. And socks. And pants. Well, it's still nothing compared to the crappy feeling brought about by Manila floods. I remember they can actually submerge people up to their thighs. The disgusting muck can rise above your crotch area, if you're vertically challenged. Thankfully, I'm not.


slim whale said...

i hate to think what would happen to one's pubes if the floodwaters reach up to the crotch area. lice as big as roaches?

loved the script of angels in america.

oliver said...

Hey Chris, where were you?!

Heard good things about Angels... Must watch it soon.

About the floodwaters... I know someone, a girl, who waded through waist-deep water. She joked after that while submerged, she was wishing that her privates were placed elsewhere, preferably on her arms.

Character malfunction said...

hey, was just sifting through the net and saw your blog. just wanted to say I have your comic book and found interesting. Best of luck with your comics endeavors. Don't go wading in flood waters, lord knows what rat shit can do to the body. hehehehe

oliver said...

Hi character malfunction,

Thanks for dropping by. And for reading the comic book. :)

Will try my best to avoid yucky, rat pee-infested waters. Heheh...