Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Objectifixation, Nine

Christmas edition!

Hulkling and Wiccan.
"♪ Have yourself a merry little Christmas... make the Yuletide gay...♫"
"No more boyfriends!"

DCU Holiday 2010. Anthro celebrates Solstice; Green Lantern Jon Stewart recalls a tale of Holy Week flagellation in the Philippines; Spectre dispenses justice during the eve of Vernal Equinox. My fave story is the Legion one, where the team investigates and repairs a malfunctioning AI during Holiday (the special day combining all the United Planets' holidays).

Captain America drops by Sersi's place, sees her decorating a tree, and assumes Eternals are religious. "We're not. At least, not by you standards," she says. "But I've never been one to pass on a good reason for a party, Captain. And to paraphrase the old song, it only takes two to party..." She manifests mistletoe above him, and puts her arms on his shoulders. Ever the gentleman, Cap spoils her mood by asking her to be serious, and offers her membership in the Avengers.

I don’t care about the show. And I don’t want to watch it now because of that homophobe. But this is a cute gift. Thanks, Ma'am Joy B!

Daniel Merriweather CD! Got this from the unused/unowned pile at the office.

Game of Thrones Season Two DVD set. Thanks, HBO Asia!

GLX-Mas Special, a 2006 one-shot. The Great Lakes Avengers, during their Great Lakes X-Men phase. Squirrel Girl defeats Thanos; Mr. Immortal and Dinah Soar’s relationship is revealed; Doorman becomes an avatar of Death, a la the Black Racer. Fun, festive issue. Happy Holidays!

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